About: Laine Berman

40 years based in Jogjakarta Indonesia has only shown me what I don’t know about this area. My adventures in life started when I discovered skydiving at 17 (ended in injury at 22), what I claim gave me courage and the ability to take on the world. As an ex-skydiver and a misplaced New Yorker, I left that grand city in 1978 to avoid falling into the insanity trap of sex drugs and rock n roll. I have been traveling the world since, in search of something I may or may not have found yet. My home-base is inside the walled city of Jogja. My oasis. My garden.

For now, I am a researcher, writer, development project evaluator, organic urban gardener, Perma-Pimp (adviser and supporter of Permablitz-Jogja), feminist, social and environmental advocate, and curator. I am way over-educated because I haven’t figured out what to be when I grow up. Open to any suggestions.

abdi-dalem 1991
abdi-dalem 1991


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